Saturday, September 27, 2014

Old Shot

Hi Everyone,

Its been a busy week and I've spent part of this weekend at work so I haven't really had a chance to get any new work done. So, I'll post an older render from back when first picked up Daz3d. In fact, the shot is almost exactly a year old. How about that?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Set! Orguk's Lair

Its finally done! I've been done most of the work for a little while now but my personal life has been pretty busy for the last couple of weeks. I learned a lot during the process of making this (fuck posing chains, in particular) and I really enjoyed the time spent on it.

As I mentioned in a previous posts, full sets will be a rare thing for me. I don't really have the time to dedicate to them without monetary compensation making up for it. So instead, I'll be spending a little while on some high-quality, single shot images rendered in Lux. My goal is to bring the same quality of images that you see with artists like Eclesi4stik, only with in inclusion of glorious monster sex. If/when my situation changes and I can start making sets, I plan to be ready for it.

But enough talking! You can download the entire set of 30 images, for free, right below:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Saturday Render

I had to do some work from home today but I was able to leave this rendering in the background. I bought the Sledge monster a little while ago and already had this scene posed. I just needed to setup some lighting and let it run.

Look at what Ryiah has gotten herself into now:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Good News / Bad News / Good News

Good news: My first set will be released for free next weekend! Finishing touches are being put on it right now.

Bad news: Whoops, it turns out I overlooked some minor details. To keep things short and avoid giving away unnecessary details about my life, I'll just say this: my current employment prevents me from making money from this hobby (or any other one for that matter). Its complicated, but its not worth taking any risks. So that includes selling sets, accepting payments for commissions and possibly even donations (still looking into the donations part).

What does that mean for the blog? Well, I'll probably shy away from full story-based sets. They are a lot of work and without some sort of monetary compensation for the time invested, they probably aren't worth doing. However, I'll now be focusing on single images or mini-sets with LuxRender. This means that the quality of my renders will be a lot higher and I'll be putting more effort into individual images. This will hopefully give me a lot more freedom to experiment with new characters.

So I'll leave you with a taste of things to come. I took one of the scenes from the current image set and rendered it today while I was doing other work:

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Almost There!

Status update on the first set: about 2 images left to pose, 5-6 to render, another 12 to process in Photoshop and various marking materials such as cover photos, etc. There's a little logistical work to be done also as I need to decide how I'm going to distribute the files and where I can host them. So looking at a second weekend in September at the latest (hopefully)!

Here's one final image from the set:

Also, I've been using LuxRender in my free time. It's nice because I can use it while posing and it allows you to save a render and come back to it. I still don't think its the right tool for rendering out my first couple of sets but I do want to start releasing some images with it. So, I think I'm going to start a series called the Pedestal Series, which will be a series of new or old poses rendered out in LuxRender with no background and some simple lighting. This will be mostly to highlight the characters or my favorite poses as I see fit.

The first image from the Pedestal Series: